PENGWING focuses on instilling respect for nature, wellness and comfort of life for our customers. This core value is reflected in our products’ designs, materials and functionality. Our collections are mainly made of echo-friendly materials such as natural wood, bamboo, and environmentally-friendly plastics. We are dedicated to refining, enhancing, and revamping the living environment to boost and improve the quality of people's lives through our products.


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As more people are using essential oils to reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia, diffusers have gradually become not only a necessity but also a centerpiece in the modern household. Witnessing the lack of innovation of diffusers in the market, PENGWING was inspired to design and develop them with comprehensive functions and aesthetic tastes to meet today's standards.

Need some ideas or inspiration? Our minimalist white ceramic diffusers can be the centre of attention in bright and spacious living rooms; marble designed ones usually align with Scandinavian furniture and themes; wood grain products can be a decorative piece combined with a variety of furnishing styles. PENGWING has put in tremendous efforts in designing unique and intricate styles to accommodate the different characteristics of people's living spaces.
Aroma Petit Macaroon
Aroma Marble Limestone
Aroma Snowflake
$45.99 CAD
Aroma Petal Blossom
$40.99 CAD
Aroma Ceramic Ripple
Aroma Bird Nest
$63.49 CAD
Aroma Shiru Wan
$68.99 CAD
Aroma Gourd Ultrasonic Diffuser

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