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The true practice of self-care is allowing yourself to pay attention to physical and emotional health needs, practice mindfulness, and spend time with people we care about.

But who has the time for that?

We are busy people, juggling careers and families. We are exhausted parents raising young children with constant needs. We are professionals doing our best to serve customers while providing financially.

While the necessary practice of self-care can be quite simple, finding the time to do so isn’t easy.

The founders of PENGWING know first hand the health impacts from limited self-care. Nicole moved to Canada in 2015. Leaving the familiar comforts of her home country behind, she found herself alone in a strange place. Learning a new culture, meeting new people, making new friends, and creating a support system was a long and lonely process. While busy pushing herself to immerse into this new environment, and tackling difficulties she constantly encountered at work, she gradually lost herself, and began to question her purpose. Many of Nicole’s first days in her new home felt dark and hopeless.

It was the practice of aromatherapy that opened up Nicole’s mind to the practice of self-care, and its impact on physical and emotional health. Her diffuser conveniently sat on her desk and filled her space with natural and healing scents. In order to adopt a healthy lifestyle into her hectic schedule, she was dedicated to exploring innovating gadgets to help her in an easier and simpler way.

That’s why we created PENGWING. We innovate, source, and produce unique and cutting edge products with one single purpose:  make the practice of self-care accessible for people with busy lives, and help our customers to operate as their best selves.

Meet Our Team: Leo, Nicole and Jennifier


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