PENGWING Technology is a proudly Canadian company, based in Ottawa, Ontario, delivering competitive, high quality, innovative and market-trending diffuser and creative electronic products, we are committed to building a strong and robust global supply and distribution network to help our clients and their business and personal needs. We value your lifestyle and well-being as the highest priority over our business success. 

What PENGWING care most is to bring lifestyle, wellness, comfortbility and quality life to customer from our products. 

Why Partner with PENGWING

  • Competitive pricing: End to end supply directly from the manufacturer.
  • Fabulous designs: We have a professional team that delivers stylish and innovative designs with a fast turnkey service.
  • Reliable quality: we believe in the ethical and integrated core value of our products.
  • Versatile products: we specialize in providing diverse functions, material and styles.

Why We Encourage More Than One Diffuser

  • Various therapeutic aroma experiences for your well-being.
  • Provide remedial therapies for your loved ones or yourself.
  • Create a soothing vibe in different spaces within your living space.
  • Give your atmosphere a distinctive and refreshing feeling.

Where to Purchase Our Products

  • Ottawa Showroom: Our Ottawa showroom is located at West Hunt Club and Merivale 
  • Online Store:
  • Amazon US Store: search keyword PENGWING