Aroma Porcelain China

PengWing CZY Technology Ltd.
Elegant in design, simple in operation. Experience the healing power of calm nature with this diffuser. The porcelain pattern marries modern simplicity and ancient design。

$56.99 CAD



Porcelain-like design; naturally beautiful in any backdrop when lit up

Cycle through 7 soothing LED lights or set it to one fixed colour. Each light option can be set to dim or bright

Operating Mode has option of 1, 3, or 6 hrs, or continuous ON

Automatic Shut-off when water runs out or timed cycle is complete



Dimension: Diameter 6.62 x Height 9.92 inches

Capacity: 300 ml

Weight: 1.39 lbs

Run Time: 8 hrs

Coverage:  250 - 650 sqft




Return Policy: please refer to our store Return Policy
  • Fill up the water reservoir to the MAX line. Add 4-5 drops of 100% pure essential oils. Put the cover back on and select your desired time and colour settings. 


  • Use only 100% natural essential oils. Adding other chemical ingredients, aroma, or impurities may cause damage and/or shorten the life cycle of the product.


  • Keep out of reach from children and pets


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